Light Up Kaduna


Under the initiative, REES LIGHTS AFRICA, the project light up Nigeria is aimed at providing electricity access to rural and marginalized areas across Nigeria with no prior access.


The problem is energy poverty in rural and marginalized areas which has adversely affected livelihood and lifestyle thereby stunting sustainable development. Energy poverty has also directly contributed to extreme poverty and climate change. In as as much as scholars do not see how excluded areas can benefit from electricity without harming the environment, we have found a smart way to do this.


The solution is providing the right energy mix for these areas particularly solar home systems to improve livelihood and lifestyle.

Expected Project Impact

In the last two alike projects we have carried out, we were able to reach over 19,000 beneficiaries in two states on the light up project. The benefits were numerous from health to education as well as security. In embarking on Light up Kaduna, we would be reaching over 9,000 beneficiaries.


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